“No” to You(th) Unemployment

Call for Partners in project “No” to You(th) Unemployment!

The project is set for participants to gain advantage in labor market through aiming the objectives.

Why this project?

Participants will learn

  1. to get know participant´s personality with weaknesses and strengths included,
  2. to understand labor market and its demand,
  3. to motivate Youth with no experience from abroad to share and solve problems together,
  4. to learn how to write participant´s own CV, motivational letter and project,
  5. to embrace soft skills like conflict management, time management, public speaking and giving feedback.

And of course, the participants will overcome their comfort zone and language barrier, improve their communication skills and they will encounter with beautiful surroundings of the “heart” of Czech Republic, Vysočina region.

Secondary objectives are:

  1. crossing the language barrier
  2. improvement of expression and communication skills
  3. comprehension of European main goals

Project will be held in Vysočina region in Czech Republic in village Rozsochy during July 2020 (will be specified in advance).

Target group: 15-29 years old from Greece, Italy or Spain

Language: Basic English, no English is possible (translation of group leader would be necessary)

Who should be interested?

An organisation which deals with issues related to unemployment and labor market problems in Youth. Project is aimed to help young people to be more competitive when compared to more experienced candidates.

Motivated Youth to explore new ideas and methods and interested in discovering different perspectives on unemployment across cultures and countries. Ready to share participant´s personal stories, opinions or thoughts.

Participants should be rather non students as the project’s target group is Young people who are (i) unemployed, (ii) or are fresh graduates, who do not know how to solve their situation.

Those candidates will be prioritized over (i) high school graduates who continue in University degree, (ii) High school students, and (iii) University students.

Participants are coming in groups of 6 + 1 people per country.

More questions? Want to join us?

You may contact our project coordinator Marek
[email protected] or read through the project specifics on SALTO portal